One off support for those busy periods

So, you are not quite ready for Account Management but do still need help during those busy times.  You are just not managing to juggle all those jobs you still have to do.

Well don’t worry we have a solution for that:

SHORT TERM SALES SUPPORT is a one-off support package aimed at helping you through those busy times when you are struggling to get EVERYTHING done.

  • Following up leads from a trade show
  • Contacting existing customers for top up orders
  • Making courtesy calls to new customers to see how things are going
  • Contacting customers that are no longer buying to find out why
  • Maintaining your customer database and checking all the details are up to date
  • Collate a database of new customers to introduce your products
  • Informing customers of new product releases
  • Anything and everything else!

We can do those jobs that you keep putting off or just don’t have the time to do!

We charge an hourly rate so we can work for as little as 1 hour to 20 hours or more depending on your budget or what you wish to achieve.

You are in complete control – you allocate us the tasks and we do the job – SIMPLE!

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Short Term Sales Support

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What is being said about us?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do do much”

– Helen Keller –

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