About Us

About us

We are a team of happy women who love working, inspiring, and encouraging designer/makers to get out there and do what they love … Design.

It all started over 10 years ago at the school gates when Janet and Cathy met and hit it off. Janet loves being methodical and structured, and Cathy, (how can we put this) is NOT!!! But bringing their strengths together along with their desire for great customer service and a joint passion for totally amazing UK designer/makers, has made them the perfect team. It has been challenging on occasions, but the laughs have far outweighed the tough times.

We now have a team of 3 savvy women working and supporting talented designers to grow their business. So, come and meet the team of account managers, marketeers, copywriter, sales-support experts and finance-savvy PAs.

Besides the core team of Cathy, Janet and Deb we also have:

Tracey – the am-dram queen who has a talent for the written word and can draft a winning newsletter for any of our clients.

Susannah – a mindfulness coach and much needed antidote to Cathy and Janets fast and sometimes over enthusiastic approach to work!

And finally, and by no means least, is the newest member to the team Debbie – with four children to keep in check at home she will have no trouble sorting the rest of the team out!!

“Our passion for helping designers discover and follow their dreams has never waned.  We get a kick out of seeing businesses grow and evolve, being part of the process is something we never tire of.”

– Beautiful British Designs –

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