Rocket 68

Rocket68 was established 6 years ago by Jill White a very gifted and experienced illustrator and designer. The company was born out of a love for receiving tasteful cards and the belief that “the ‘E’ card will never replace the joy of opening a card sent to you which you can proudly display on your mantel piece.”

Rocket68 produces strikingly strong designs with a nostalgic, retro influence whilst still maintaining a clean and contemporary finish. These beautifully illustrated designs can be found on a wide range of products such as stationery (cards, prints, wrapping paper).

Rocket68 were very proud to be nominated for the prestigious ‘Henries Award’ for their ‘Zoo Buddies’ children’s range in 2015, Winter Parklife in 2017, and the Top Drawer paper awards 2017.  Over the last few years Jill has seen even more success as she has gone on to be nominated as a finalist at the Henries 2019 as well as being Shortlisted for “Gift of the Year 2020”

Rocket68 also Licences her Designs as well as offering Bespoke Work to an increasing number of clients.

‘As an illustrator who runs hers own business, the targeted sales help is very valuable, Its great as the sales side of the business is not my strength, so having them to help and advise me in the sales & marketing areas frees up more of my time to do the designing and illustrating which is the bit I love the most! I highly recommend them, I use them for short term sales support on a regular basis, they are affordable and worth every penny.’  – Jill White