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Tea towels – the indispensable wiping, cleaning, drying workhorses of the kitchen.  Iona’s range of beautifully designed tea towels will do all the jobs you expect of them.  And they get even better after a few washes.

But they do a little more than dry the dishes – they bring a smile to your face when you use them.  Faced with a pile of tea towels, I’ll always pick the pretty ones

Other items available in this range – Aprons, Hob Covers, Mugs and Cushions

 Made From:  100% cotton

– Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm – come with a hanging loop.

About the Designer

Iona Buchanan produces a wide range of instantly appealing household wares using carefully observed and beautifully detailed images taken from nature.

Iona is a botanical illustrator by training and inclination, her popular flowering artichoke design seen on her beautiful tea towels and cushions is an excellent example of this.

As demand for commissions from private collectors came to exceed supply, Iona started to create prints and then a growing range of homewares, such as mugs, cushions, aprons, tea towels and Aga covers. She also broadened the range of subjects to include some of Britain’s most popular wildlife subjects.

The appeal of Iona’s designs is enhanced by simple, clean product designs that put the emphasis firmly on the subjects and the affection they widely attract.

Originally marketed through local craft fairs, as demand for her products grew, Iona developed the business to sell on a wholesale basis to shops throughout the UK.


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