Blog #003


Plan, Act, Reflect, Repeat series: Part 3


We have PLANNED and ACTED now comes the time to sit back and REFLECT.  We are not saying this needs to be a long process, a cup of tea and 10 minutes peace and quiet will usually get you the answers you are looking for, especially if you have been breaking your tasks down into bite sized chunks.

The whole point of this is to slowly begin to focus on your end goal and work slowly and methodically towards whatever is important to you.

Going backwards to go forwards

Go back to your plan and then think about the following questions.  Writing them down can help you learn because, if you are anything like us you will have forgotten the details of the amazing lessons you learnt within a couple of months and kick yourself because you have to re-learn them all over again !

What were you supposed to be ACTING on this month?

Did it work?  Did you acieve what you wanted to ?

If No: Go back and look at what the end result was supposed to be – adjust the plan and then go at it again, the second time you do this will be so much easier we promise.

If Yes: Tick it off your list YIPPEEE or REPEAT (you now know what you are doing so this time round you will be faster and far more likely to achieve better results as you refine your technique.

Be Proud of what you do:   We know it is hare working for yourself and it can be so much easier to listen to the negative comments than the positive so staying focused your your end goal can really help.

Don’t work alone – come join us 

Would you benefit from working and chatting with other like minded designers in a closed facebook group?

Practice things, ask those really silly embarrassing questions that we think we should know but don’t and have someone that will hold you accountable when you don’t do the things that you keep saying you will?  Comments would be greatly appreciated – tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to find a solution.

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