Reflection is key – Plan, Act, Reflect, Repeat – Part 3

The Approach


We have now PLANNED and hopefully ACTED. Now comes the time to sit back and REFLECT.

We are not saying this needs to be a long process, a cup of tea will usually get you the answers you are looking for, especially if you have been breaking your tasks down in to bit size chunks. 

The whole point of this is to slowly begin to focus on your end goal and work slowly and methodically towards whatever is important to you.

As you can see from the image below, sometimes it makes sense and other times it doesn’t in which case we just have to flip things around and re-think our plan.



What were you supposed to be ACTING on this month? 

What did you do to get there?

Did it work – Did you achieve what you wanted to?

If No – go back and look at what the end result was supposed to be – adjust the plan and then go at it again – Rome was not built in a day !

If Yes – then tick it off your list YIPPEEE or REPEAT (you now know what you are doing so it becomes easier and you are likely to achieve better results as you refine your technique. 

Be proud of what you do

We know it is hard working for yourself and can be easier to listen to the negative comments than the positive. 

It may be time to flip this on it’s head as well and listen to the positive instead.

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