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As a Designer /  Maker it is not uncommon to be working alone, trying to do everything from Designing, Making, Marketing, Selling etc all on your lonesome.  By joining Beautiful British Designs you no longer need to work alone.  Once you have applied and been accepted to join our exclusive team of creative designers and makers then we get to work on your behalf.  We help to provide you with connections within retail outlets that you may have otherwise struggled to find.

Not only will you be listed in our Designers Directory but we are dedicated to promoting each listing as effectively as possible to our existing 6,000+ database of independent shops.


Save huge amounts of time by having retailers come to you rather than endless cold calling and visiting shops.

  • Huge Saving by using an online service rather than displaying your products  at eye-wateringly expensive trade shows
  • Start selling to retailers who have gone out of their way to contact you about your product and are therefore much more likely to be committed to work with you to make your products sell.

What our designers think of the service

“Cathy and Janet are so efficient. I joined the directory and within a day I had customer interest. They are extremely professional, approachable and fantastic to work with…”   Michelle Gemmel (Memelou)

“I have recently joined Beautiful British Designs and already I have made lots of new contacts which are now leading to orders. Cathy and Janet have been so helpful and enthusiastic, and their experience means they have the ability to give excellent advice when you need it…” Louise Money (Louise Money Originals) 

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If you would be interested in joining us please contact us leaving a short description of your products and a link to your website and social media platforms and we will be in touch.

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