Hazel & Blue Candles

Becky Avery is the talented creative owner of Hazel and Blue Candles, a new company based in Wiltshire making and creating natural, eco-friendly scented candles.

Becky’s aim is to make calm and cosy products inspired by the seasons and nature., for people who lead busy life’s and want to create a calm and cosy space to relax and unwind.

The fragrances are inspired by finding beauty in the seasons all around us, fresh flowers, blooms, botanicals, woods, spices and greenery. All of these elements go towards creating fresh, uplifting or warm and cosy scents for homes.

Each and every individual candle is lovingly hand poured in small batches, using a natural blend of soy wax and premium fragrances using the highest quality ingredients all sourced from within the UK.

All of the ingredients used by Hazel and Blue Candles are eco-friendly and sustainable as well as affordable for the everyday person making them an excellent choice for retail shops.