Beach Art Glass

Julie Fountain is the award winning artist behind Beach Art Glass, an eye-catching collection of stunning glass beads. Each bead is handmade and cleverly transformed into an intricate piece of “heirloom quality” jewellery or homeware.

Although each piece is individually made Julie’s style is distinctive and easily recognisable. The quality of work shines through in each necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings produced.

Whilst Julie’s work is clearly reminiscent of the seashore, her designs are also highly influenced by the glass itself. What originally starts out as simple swirls of colour and shapes, over time develop into distinctive and highly focused pieces of artwork that delight customers all over the world.

In November 2015, after only 6 months of trading as Beach Art Glass, Julie won the Enterprising Worcestershire Creative Business Award and she has not looked back since.

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"Beautiful British Designs have helped me discover new designers that I think I would have otherwise missed. They have gone out of their way to help me and I find them very trust worthy and efficient to work with."

Steph Proudly

"Beautiful British Designs offer a great service for an independent shop owner like me. They help me find high quality products from UK designers that I would not have usually seen. I am now stocking Penny Lindop thanks to their service."


"I've been following Beautiful British Designs for a while now and am so pleased I did so. As a retailer I'm constantly looking for new and unusual products that I might not see at the zillion trade shows I visit every year. They feature so many small and interesting designers that something always catches my eye."

Cloud & Cove and By The Way 

"I went straight to your website and love what I see! Just setting up my shop so early days and fully stocked and good to go. But I am so glad you found me and I will be in touch with several of your designers. Really interesting stuff."

Bowline & Bunting 

"Catherine & Janet from Beautiful British Designs are a delight to work with and their passion for retail is apparent in everything they do. Beautiful British Designs is a great platform to bring independent designers and retailers together in support of the great British high street."

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