Aromatherapy Gold

Aromatherapy Gold is an innovative company that has been developing an exciting range of high quality aromatherapy based play dough products for over ten years.

These unique aromatherapy play doughs contain a special blend of ingredients that incorporate high quality organic essential oils designed to be breathed in and absorbed through the skin whilst handling.

Aromatherapy Gold has also added a little colour therapy into the doughs, associating each colour with the appropriate essential oils for maximum benefit.

Two collections have been developed that are well established, particularly in the sensory and therapy marketplace, one for adults and one for anyone 3 years +. The AromaPlay version has gentler aromas than the AromaSqueezeMes making it suitable for children. AromaPlay is CE marked.

The adult’s collection of AromaSqueezeMe dough can be helpful in times of stress, recuperation or during an illness – be it a mental health problem or a physical one, from a cold to a heart attack or stroke.

The AromaPlay dough can be helpful for those who have ADHD, Autism or a learning difficulty and can equally be enjoyed by anyone who just wants the benefits of the soft dough and essential oils.

The dough can be used as a stress ball and just squeezed or it can be used more creatively to make models. Ideas are included on the reverse of each pouch.

They are all presented in useful resealable pouches to help keep the dough fresh and soft.