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What makes us Tick?…

We love working, inspiring and encouraging Designers to get out there and do what they love … Design.

Being totally useless at design ourselves we have always been in awe of the totally amazing and fabulous products that are designed in this country.

What we can do however is SELL.  We knew that designers often find it hard to sell their own products and we KNOW we can’t design (and we are ok with this!) So bringing the art of design and the art of selling together just seemed natural to us.

Over 10 years ago Janet and I met at the school gates (as you do!) We hit it off… Janet loves being methodical and structured, and I am, how can I put this? Am NOT!!!  Bringing our strengths together has on occasions been challenging but the laughs have far always outweighed the tough times.

Our business has grown and developed as the years have progressed and we are now passing the skills and lessons we have learnt over the years onto businesses to help them grow quicker, jump the many pit falls we encountered and learn from all the experience we have collected and stored over the years whilst working with many talented and inspirational designers.

‘Our passion for helping designers follow and discover their dreams has never waned.  We get a kick out of seeing businesses grow and evolve, being part of the process is something we never tire of ‘

— Beautiful British Designs

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do do much”

– Helen Keller –

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