A glimpse behind the scenes

We always find it interesting to find out a little bit about the designers and makers. Today is the turn of Hannah Spinks from Home County Candle Co to undertake the a set of quick fire meet the maker Q&A. We’ll try and keep it short and sweet

What were you doing before you started The Home County Candles Co?

My background is in Events Management and event sales – my first ‘proper job’ was events sales manager at a golf club in Rickmansworth which is where I first worked with Oli before I left to go travelling. I’ve moved around a bit since but now work full time alongside running the business for a Brand Engagement Agency in Chilton called FMI

What is your  favourite part of the candle making process?

Definitely boxing up the candles.  I set myself up a little production line and production line and then I can sit in front of the TV for hours making our candles look pretty in their gift boxes.  I love all the little touches like adding the gold specked paper, candle card card and wood wool.  I also think I like the feeling that it’s the final step of the process, so it feels like I’m finishing the job!

When  you’re not making candles what are you doing?

I’m very close to my family so on the weekends when I’m not exhibiting at shows I’m normally spending time with them.  I’ve got two sisters and two nieces so a girls’ day out is always on the cards!

I also think there’s no better way to let your hair down than with a good rave, I need it every now and then what with working full time and running the business!

Wat is the best thing about running your own business?

For me the best thing has to be the feeling of creating a brand that I’m proud of.  I’ve always been really into branding and it literally blows my mind that we create products at home that people  love to use in their own homes.

The scope of it really excites me and getting positive feedback on our products is such a great feeling.  I may regret saying this but I’m also a bit of a geek so acutally enjoy all the admin that comes with it too, spreadsheets are my fave !

Meet other like minded makers

Would you benefit from working and chatting with other like minded designers in a closed facebook group?

Practice things, ask those really silly embarrassing questions that we think we should know but don’t and have someone that will hold you accountable when you don’t do the things that you keep saying you will?  Comments would be greatly appreciated – tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to find a solution.

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