Congratulations … the work starts here !

So where to begin?

Attending a trade show reminds me of having my first child!  Once he was born I thought I could have a rest, yes my friends did laugh!  I on the other hand I just wanted someone to help me with what to do next.

So here goes….

You should have come home with some orders, some business cards and a HUGE pile of things to put away and sort out!

I am assuming you have now put things away and started to send out the orders you received.

If not STOP and start now, our top tips.

Take your time there is a system to this

Firstly take time to slowly start putting all the things that you brought home from the trade show away and get everything back in order.  These mundane jobs are essential not only to provide you with a clean work space but they also allow you time to process and analyse all the things that happened whilst you were at the exhibiting.

Get things sorted

Secondly sort through all the leads you collected whilst at the trade fair and put put them into piles of a) those that ordered b) those that left their details but did not place an order whilst at your stand c) other leads and contacts

Get organised

Next put these details onto a database or CRM system so that you don’t misplace their details.  This is really important as this will be the beginnings of your customer /  contact list that creates and maintains your future business. 


NOW that everything is in order you can start packing the orders you took at the trade show as these are priority  As a small business good customer service can really help you stand out from the crowd.

Follow up

Finally and most importantly don’t neglect those leads that you made whilst exhibiting and follow them up.  Here at Beautiful British Designs we always say ‘there is fortune in the follow up’.  Even though someone did not order whilst at the trade, this does not mean they will never order.  Someone in that pile of cards could become your number one client.

Do you need some support?

Would you benefit from working and chatting with other like minded designers in a closed facebook group?

Practice things, ask those really silly embarrassing questions that we think we should know but don’t and have someone that will hold you accountable when you don’t do the things that you keep saying you will?  Comments would be greatly appreciated – tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to find a solution.

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